I’m Gilbert Reid.


I Write Books,
Write Documentaries,
Produce Shows for Television,
and Occasionally Blog.


I'm Canadian. I lived and worked for more than 30 years in Europe, mostly  the UK, France, and Italy, doing a great many different things - as an economist, diplomat, PR person, university teacher, script doctor, book reviewer, translator, and cultural promoter. In brief, I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Also, I have written and occasionally produced TV and radio documentaries, as well as publishing fiction.  At this moment, in 2018, I am concentrating on writing. Two volumes of short stories will appear in the early summer of 2018; the first volumes of series of science-fiction-adventure books, starring a glamorous half-alien superheroine will appear in the fall of 2018, and a novel co-authored with Jacqueline Park and set in the Italian Renaissance will appear with Anansi Press in the spring of 2019.  More details can be found on the biography and bibliography pages, and some of my radio and TV work can be sampled on the TV and Radio pages. I blog very occasionally - usually splattering down my opinions and gut-feelings on this or that. I perhaps will become a more ambitious  - and coherent - blogger in the near future. 

Contact information is available on the contact page. Thanks for visiting, with all my best wishes,

Gilbert Reid